weheartbritishguys:    Ben Whishaw  Drooling.

weheartbritishguys: Ben Whishaw

Ben Whishaw,I started to get quite mesmerized by his big hair while watching Richard II,but a fantastic actor too!

I already pinned this. But I MUST PIN IT AGAIN. because his lips. Don't you just want to kiss them?

Ben Whishaw (born October is one of the UK's most intriguing new talents. He's got a guarded, elusive screen presence which does .

Eli Mullan [Ben Whishaw] Elam Mullan's son. Has his eyes on being Ceres' next Minister of Foreign Affairs and is convinced Sinead is after the position too. She isn't. He considers himself her rival. It's one-sided.

James Bond: The Sunglasses File

[can’t talk about Ben Whishaw because i’ve melted into a puddle on the floor] | 15 Perfect Smiles You Can’t Help But Fall In Love With

i know this is not related to the cumberbitches and hiddlestoner but i couldn't help posting this dashing heartthrob ><- --- 20 Ways Ben Whishaw Will Melt Your Heart

Ben Wishaw - an incredible actor. I don't think I have ever seen him give a poor performance

Agent Warren: “He sounded like an exhausted person who had gotten stuck babysitting toddlers.

Ben Whishaw (Q) in BOND ON SET

Ben Whishaw (Q) in BOND ON SET

Ben Whishaw in the role of Q at the National Gallery, from the from the book "Bond on Set: Filming Skyfall" by Greg Williams.

Ben Whishaw for GQ Magazine

Ben Whishaw In British GQ

bohemea: “ Ben Whishaw: Gentlemen’s Quartermaster - GQ UK by Dylan Don, November 2012 ”