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Bethany- "so guys if you didn't already know we always have a party on everyone's first day here so this first one is a luau. Pool party with a Hawaiian theme so guys come ready to have fun and swim"

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What was your favorite article from this month? She looks AMAZING in this photo!

Caption: Hope your day has been lovely! Today I saw a beautiful plant wall and apparently had a terrible itch behind my ear.

Hey I'm Bethany!! I'm 19 and single. I love to sing and play the piano and guitar. Me and my boyfriend of 2 years broke up a few weeks ago and I miss having someone to talk to anytime you need them. So boys I am single. I'm not just looking for a boyfriend to kiss I'm looking for a boyfriend who loves me for me and who cares about me and will be there when I need him. Come say hi

I think everyone is most confident when they are just being themselves and not trying to impress others.

Bethany Mota's Success Secrets!

So proud of my girl bethany! Love dwts and aeropostale! New Collection= Perfection!

Bethany Mota

Doing a happy twirl because my new video is up! Summer Gone Wrong ☀️💦😬 leave a palm tree emoji in the comments if you've seen it already!

{fc: Bethany Mota} Bethany) Hi I'm Bethany! I like to cheer and play soccer. My siblings are extremely protective of me. I have a twin sister.

Beth] [open rp] *i walk down the hallway and bump into you* oh I'm sorry! *i reach down to pick up my books.

Alright #MOTAVATORS which pic on this board should be my new profile pic? Message me your favorite ♥

Alright #MOTAVATORS which pic on this board should be my new profile pic? Message me your favorite ♥

She liked my comment on this post :)

When you're being extra and the weather helps you be even more extra with a little wind in your hair 💨

I’m getting her book(even tho it’s been like a long time since it came out) this Christmas. I think