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Billie Piper with short hair

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Billie Piper!!! Gorgeous! She is so pretty and she's not a stick!!!! I wish more people could see beauty in other body shapes. :)

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Billie Piper- After watching all of Nine and up til Martha, I really love Billie Piper. I respect how The Companions aren't all sticks, she is really beautiful.

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billie piper photographed by chris floyd This is exactly how I wish my hair was! Gah!

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If I could just acheive billie pipers blonde hair. I would never touch my color again. Gahhhhh. :(

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Billie Piper-Let's pretend this is Rose a couple years after she and "John Smith" (wink!) got married and had kids in that alternate universe. She's now a wife(!), mommy and brilliant "fiction" writer. Yep.

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Billie Piper & Karen Gillan YASS the two best companions together at last..

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Billie Piper

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Billie Piper, before she came to Hollywood and lost about 30 pounds. Why do American women want to be gaunt, tired looking and old? Do they not realize how being too thin ages them so badly?

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billie piper | glamour magazine uk | july 2014

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