black labrador puppy

Black Labrador Puppy

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What a good looking dog! Great pose

Pepper by Brian Borgford, A house pet finds himself in a dangerous predicament. Can he survive? This short story is ideal for school aged children, but will also appeal to any dog lover.

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The Cutest Black Lab Pictures

A list of the Cutest Black Lab Pictures. Are you in the mood to see some adorable photos of Black Lab dogs? This is a list of some of the cutest Black Labrador phot.

Naturally you think your puppy couldn't get any cuter, but have you played fetch underwater with them? Seth Casteel has and it's hilarious.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

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Funny pictures about Underwater dog. Oh, and cool pics about Underwater dog. Also, Underwater dog photos.

Georgia Peaches and Pearls - seasalt-daydreams:   Need     How do people even...

Labrador Retriever - Intelligent and Fun Loving

Black Labrador Retriever. Another reminder of Majic. How can I miss U when I have so much to remember U by.

Black Labrador Retriever via Willowbrook Kennels, Maryland "StoneyKnoll's Peppermint Pattie" at 6 months old

Black lab                                                                                                                                                                                 Mais

Labrador Retriever - Intelligent and Fun Loving

10 Interesting Facts about Labrador Retriever Click the picture to read

Labrador retrievers just love the snow! Plus lots more 'facts' about Labrador Retrievers