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Brittany Murphy

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Brittany Murphy such a beautiful girl and wonderful actress she didn't deserve such a tragic end

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brittany murphy

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One of the most beautiful faces of Hollywood, Brittany Murphy. Rest in peace.

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Brittany Murphy, This poor little darling died so young with pneumonia, and her husband shortley after her of pneumonia, I still think something was in her house, such as Mold or Mildew of some kind....Something in the house had to have made them sick...There were no drugs in either one of their bodies....

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Brittany Murphy. You're life was cut short, but I can still hear that contagious laugh! Made it to 32

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What Happened!? 10 Of Our Favorite Movie And TV Characters Who Passed Away Too Soon In Real Life

Brittany Murphy (November 10, 1977 – December 20, 2009), died of combination of pneumonia, chronic anemia, and multiple-drug interactions of over the counter pain medications and prescription antibiotics.

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brittany murphy

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Uptown Girls

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