Hands style Bruce Timm repinned by www.BlickeDeeler.de

"Hand Theories" - A hand study that shows how to correctly draw a character's hand in a variety of positions.

Poison Ivy by Bruce Timm

Poison Ivy by Bruce Timm Hiedra Venenosa Batman Batman serie animada Batman Villains

Batman: The Animated Series - Poison Ivy by Bruce Timm

A collection of interesting art and animation work/news I find during my day-to-day journeys on the.

Medusa and Black Bolt by Bruce Timm *

Bruce Timm: Medusa Gets Frisky, in Robert Plunkett's Good Girl Art XV Comic Art Gallery Room - 658258


THE DARK KNIGHT Trilogy Fan Art Inspired by Bruce Timm

Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy – Bruce Timm tribute, por Dan Mora

Batman: The Animated Series

cooketimm: “ San Francisco Comic Con exclusive poster created by Bruce Timm ” DC Comics - Batman