Bruce Willis: Longtime crush since Moonlighting. I still love him. I think it's his confident smirk and sarcastic nature...

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Post sexy older men in this thread. Bruce Willis is a sexy old white man!

bruce willis | Bruce Willis - Photo posted by lijfan

Bruce Willis - Fan club album

bruce willis remember when PHOTOGRAPHY BY MultiCityWorldTravel.Com For Hotels-Flights Bookings Globally Save Up To On Your Travel Cost. Remember when Bruce had hair

Bruce Willis nie ogranicza się wyłącznie do aktorstwa. O ile filmy z jego udziałem zarobiły w Północnej Ameryce około 3 miliardów dolarów, on sam stara się działać także na innych płaszczyznach. Skupuje nieruchomości, otwiera działalności związane z produkcją filmową czy też jest twarzą Belvedere SA oraz wódki Sobieski. Ma w nich nawet 3,3% udziału. Ta nietypowa aktywność znana jest szczególnie w Polsce, gdzie alkohole te są mocno promowane. #alkohol #film #aktor ##alkohole ##świata

Bruce Willis by Michael Muller. Beautiful black and white photo. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that it's Bruce.

Bruce Willis.....loved him in Moonlighting!

Walter "Bruce" Willis - German-born American Actor, Film Producer, Writer, Musician and Singer (born 19 March

Bruce Willis, por Christian Witkin Bruce ages perfectly.Handsome sexy

Bruce Willis by Christian Witkin

for the 'silver foxes' board, @Dawn Kaiser. the silver is in the beard. the fox is well, ya know, everywhere.

Bruce Willis sorry but I have always thought he was a hottie

Bruce Willis

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I LOVE THIS MAN!! Bruce Willis thinks it's funny you don't believe he uses cosmetics. #beautypedia #paulaschoice

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Wallpaper and background photos of Bruce Willis in sunglasses. for fans of Bruce Willis images.

Lieutenant A.K. Waters - Bruce Willis   in Tears of the Sun

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Bruce Willis...people sittin around just thinkin shit it

Bruce Willis people-that-i-love

Smile & Laugh, Smile, Laugh, Bruce Willis, :-)

Bruce Willis: Who Better to Assassinate Me!

Bruce Willis - Even though he is almost he is still my favorite older actor. Bruce is sexy.and I bet he knows it. :) Love Fifth it over & over .

Bruce Willis for Donna Karan, 1996 by Peter Lindberg.

Bruce Willis for Donna Karan by peter Lindbergh.if every man could age so well!

Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis in the

Bruce Willis at Hotel Bristol, Paris | by Willy Rizzo (1999)

Bruce Willis à l'hôtel Bristol, Paris 1999 photo Willy Rizzo

The Fifth Element (1997) Really want this as a framed poster. Yessss.:

unamed cat with Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis) in Fifth Element

Bruce Willis  ~Via Brian DeWitt

Summit Entertainment is in early talks with Bruce Willis to star in the prison escape drama The Tomb, with Antoine Fuqua circling to direct. Willis is in talks to play Ray Breslin, the world’s foremost authority on structural security.