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Some awesome Captain Jack Sparrow quotes to brighten your day! - 9GAG

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And this, dearie, is why I love Johnny Depp.

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Captain Jack Sparrow

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Take that, Disney princes and princesses... here is the one I aspire to! LOL!

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Madness and brilliance always go hand in hand, because without being a little mad, you cannot be brilliant! My own words... Geez, I can be so wise sometimes. Lol

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The right thing being to go to bed and get more than two hours sleep rather than staying up all night reading XD

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Pirates: The #Pirate Code (according to Captain Jack Sparrow).

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TheRetroInc on Etsy

This is Sherlock, and Pirates of the Caribbean, and if you watched Thor The Dark World it's also that. THOR: You're mad! LOKI: Quite possibly, but if this was easy, everyone would do it.

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What Kind Of Person Are You Actually?

This quote reminds me of Hamelt. He knew that he was crazy, and he was acting crazy on purpose. Therefore he knew he was crazy, he technically wasn't crazy. He put the psycho act on to add to his situation with his uncle, father, and mother. He also did it to receive some sympathy.

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