Is this ur man tatum? @m_wooley

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caught-dreaming: “allisimpson: “just posting this again cause you know ” I like a man in a uniform but I like a channing tatum in a uniform even better ”

2 This haircut best represents planar/high graduation soc combination form I…

Almost Magic- the making of the new film Magic Mike-June29th,2012

Channing Tatum-from Magic Mike to Christian Grey.

Channing Tatum (P.S. how can you say it's him, but to be honest not to sound ravish - BUT WHO CARES)

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Re: The Vow.. "If I woke up from a coma and the Dr said Channing Tatum was my husband.. I wouldn't question it."  ...well, DUH.

The Vanities Openers

Editorial : Channing Tatum by Norman Jean Roy for Vanity Fair. Vintage makes Any guy (even already handsome ones) look even better!

Channing Tatum's Vanity Fair shoot. Too hot.

Photos: Channing Tatum Outtakes

Hey, girl. Did you volunteer for the Committee to Advise the Principal? You should. You have a lot of .... really... good ideas.

My favorite thing on a man: a vest. Now if only I could get my boyfriend to wear one.

((FC: Channing Tatum)) Yo! I'm Mason, Lillian's older brother. I'm over protective of her. If you hurt her I hurt you. Straight and single Pringle ready to mingle. I'm 17. *I laugh softly to myself* Come say hey!

Yep, Channing Tatum Was a Stripper (and Tells Us All About It!)

I don& know why channing tatum reminded me of daddyfriend! Maybe channing& deep sexy voice and the muscles are to blame.

Channing Tatum Hoodie male celebs celebrities

Channing Tatum Hoodie male celebs celebrities-one of my favorite male celebs ever:)

can we just take a moment to let how attractive this man is sink in?

With this whole board of stunningly handsome men, Channing will always be my number one man! I absolutely adore this man!

You can never have too much of Channing Tatum!! ohhhh yes please,bring it on!

Channing Tatum and His Magic Mike Costars Go Shirtless For EW

Channing Tatum Covers 'Entertainment Weekly' with 'Magic Mike' Cast: Photo Channing Tatum, Matthew McConaughey, Matt Bomer, and Joe Manganiello do a little striptease for the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly. The heartthrobs, who…

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PLEASE arrest & handcuff me officer!] I have been a bad bad girl

518 vind-ik-leuks, 8 reacties - Everything Channing Tatum (@everything_channing_tatum) op Instagram: '@channingtatum @everything_channing_tatum #magicmikexxl #channingtatum #channing #tatumpride #tatum…'

518 vind-ik-leuks, 8 reacties - Everything Channing Tatum (@everything_channing_tatum) op Instagram: '@channingtatum @everything_channing_tatum #magicmikexxl #channingtatum #channing #tatumpride #tatum…'