Claudia Cardinale filming "The Pink Panther" (1963). Claudia Cardinale (born 15 April 1938) is a Tunisian-born Italian film actress of Sicilian parentage. She appeared in some of the most acclaimed European films of the 1960s and 1970s, mainly Italian or French, but also in several English films.

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Claudia Cardinale I always thought she was so beautiful.

Claudia Cardinale is a Tunisian-born Italian actress who appeared in some of the most prominent European films of the and

"Marriage functions best when both partners remain somewhat unmarried." - Claudia Cardinale, circa 1960s.

Claudia Cardinale, circa 1960s. (Vintage Scarlett Rose)

claudia cardinale

Claudia Cardinale is an Italian Tunisian actress, and has appeared in some of the most prominent European films of the and

Claudia Cardinale listens to Ella Fitzgerald records, 1959.

Italian actress Claudia Cardinale sitting on a plaid sofa listening to Ella Fitzgerald. Rome Photo by Archivio Cameraphoto Epoche

Claudia Cardinale in "Once Upon a Time in the West" (Sergio Leone, 1968)

Claudia Cardinale en “Las Petroleras” (Les pétroleuses), 1971 with Brigitte Bardot.The Legend of Frenchie King.

Claudia Cardinale

Claudia Cardinale ~ Claude Joséphine Rose Cardinale April 1938 in Tunis, French Protectorate Tunisia [now Tunisia]