IM DEAD!!! ... And so are all of your favorite clone wars characters

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This is useful if you've just come upon the clone wars and want to be able to identify the different clones on the field.

Star Wars Motorcycle Helmets - I am one with the FORCE.

Plo's bros. A great Easter egg in the series.

You know clones age twice as fast as regular people. They start fighting when they’re only so they probably are kids

Order 66 aftermath

The doubts of Commander Cody by JeanSebastien-P on deviantART~~~awww Cody:(

From a certain point of view yes, however history was written by those who won and survived the Jedi did not win us they were written out of History

My headcanon is that Darth Vader literally erased all traces of their adventures by the time that Luke was old enough to read/go to school.