Freedom Campaign: Cole Mohr & Ton Heukels for Jack & Jones

Freedom Campaign: Cole Mohr & Ton Heukels for Jack & Jones

Cole Mohr and Ton Heukels Model Jack and Jones Summer 2017 Denim Collection

I badly want to use Cole Mohr for a character. (Either role play or as the inspirational image for a character in a novel) I think he'd look good as a Danny, don't you?

Cole is flawless. I need like 495809485 pins of him but I dont want to spam people.


Hi i'm Cole I'm the oldest I'm into music and very happy i love making people smile and ,laugh single and gay

Cole Mohr fronts the Fall/Winter 2014 campaign of AllSaints, photographed by Nick Dorey

l-homme-que-je-suis: “ Cole Mohr Photographed by Nick Dorey for AllSAINTS Fall/Winter 2014 Campaign ”

Mister Cole Mohr

I hold my hand up in the darkened room, spread the fingers wide. or stardust? How could there not be magic and hope and miracles in the world, if all of us were made of stars?

Cole SIren i'm 23 my siblings and i were born rich but leftt after our dad raped and killed our mom cause Laney isnt his daughter. i'm good with bombs, arson and other family friendly stuff. I wish i could say im not happy about taking the royals down. Mostly cause i was dad's punching bag for beiing gay, while Laney and Axel were for being bi. i kinda do what i want but i try not to be scum like my siblings who let their anger control them

Oh joy hi I'm Cole Archer i'm actually a huge dork i kinda hate people allot, well some not all, I work on cars and draw thats all bisexual


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