Love this, I do, but I would definitely get rid of those ties at the waist. They stick out and I feel like they detract from the silhouette of the dress. Just love Valentino's new look FALL COUTURE 2015 VALENTINO (Rome) ~ ♕♚εїз

Paolo Sebastian couture 2015/16 | www.Sgfindyourwild.blogspot.com | Instagram @ifihadablog | #SGfindyourwild | SYDNEY GEORGE find your wild | musings of a visual addict

The mesh-like fabric used as a base for the embroidery gives the dress a dreamy look. & r a n d o m l o v e l i n e s s ♔ {love lovely loveliness} Très Haute Diva ♔ Paolo Sebastian Couture

Lucys blog the haute stream...: Alessandro Angelozzi Couture 2015 ~ Bridal

This thick black belt looks amazing together with that print dress and tull! Alessandro Angelozzi Couture 2015 ~ v

Hanna Touma couture 2015, not a fan of the neckline, but I love the ombre tones of the skirt

Glitzalicious ♥s ♥s ♥s ♥s this pin of a Pink dress /Hanna Touma couture 2015

Daalama Couture 2015 Wedding Dress - Pearl Bridal Collection

daalarna 2015 pearl bridal collection ethereal ball gown wedding dress -- Top 30 Most Popular Wedding Dresses on Wedding Inspirasi in 2014

Valentino ~ Haute Couture Silver Applique on Black Blue Full length Top Coat 2015 // Pinned by Dauphine Magazine x Castlefield - Curated by Castlefield Bridal Company & Branding Atelier and delivering the ultimate experience for the haute couture connoisseur! Visit www.dauphinemagazine.com, @dauphinemagazine on Instagram, and @dauphinemag on Pinterest • Visit Castlefield: www.castlefield.co and @ castlefieldco on Instagram / Luxury, fashion, weddings, bridal style, décor, travel, art, design

Valentino ~ Haute Couture Allover Silver Applique on Black Full length Top Coat 2015 jαɢlαdy