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A gathered his boyfriend into his arms. Ever since B had moved in, he'd been having constant nightmares. It was justified, too, as he'd almost been burned alive in a house fire. The boy's whimpers quieted, and he snuggled into A's chest.

elvishness:  height difference is my weakness…i may have exaggerated it a little bit ๑´ㅂ`๑)

elvishness: height difference is my weakness…i may have exaggerated it a little bit ๑´ㅂ`๑)

Cute Gay Couples!

Read The Quiet One from the story Swollen Heads & High School Boys -BxB/BL/GayLove by Goth_Fujoshi (Fujoneesan) with 815 reads.

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I don't get why people put 'gay' infront of everything. Love is love no matter what. I can't wait 'til the day people wont call it a 'gay couple' but just a 'couple', a 'gay marriage' but just a 'marriage'. Praying for it to happen.

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This is wrong, not because its gay, but because two little kids should not be making out

Try and tell me that homosexuality isn't natural!!! <<< lions should be homosexuality's mascot!>>> OMG YES!!! Aww that is too cute. Gay Pride!

Dude, you have to see this

awwwww isn't that soooo cute!? I love gay couples

but honestly Haikyuu! oikawa tooru iwaizumi hajime and i was just like this was in my head IwaOi fuck it im drawing this mars stuff im about that Cant Draw Hands life

not gay if it's on the ☾<<god another homophobic asshole. <<<I agree like it's still gay on the moon, there's nothing wrong with that, and like if you aren't trying to be homophobic that's ok but try to think before you speak more because it can come off as homophobic and trying to say it's better to not be gay<<agree

I haven't watched this yet but my BFF is so obsessed with victurri THIS IS SO CUTE << victuuri is eveything i have asked for in my life

Mrs Potter about James and Sirius probably

How homosexuality or different sexual orientations should be handled