Will Dan Brown's 'Inferno' be heavenly for Dante and Florence?

Will Dan Brown's 'Inferno' be heavenly for Dante and Florence?

Inferno - Dan Brown: Easily the best of the Robert Langdon series.

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Dan Brown is amazing. not much can be said for this legend-except each of his books holds a thrilling and exhilarating adventure that leaves you thirsty for his next book.

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. I really like Dan Brown's books! His writing draws me in, grabs my attention, and carries me along at break neck speed! And I love it when the ending of a book surprises me, as this one did!

Digital Fortress - Dan Brown [A Weekly Geek Style Review

"Nothing is more creative... nor destructive... than a brilliant mind with a purpose." ~"Inferno" by Dan Brown.

This was in a Dan Brown book, but I can not remember if this quote was Dan quoting Dante or just a Dan Brown quote.

De Da Vinci code is bloedstollend spannend. Je vliegt van lokatie naar lokatie en je probeert met de hoofdpersonen het raadsel op te lossen van de cryptische beschrijvingen en codes. De Orde van de Tempeliers, het verhaal van de Heilige Graal en het Vaticaan worden met elkaar verweven tot een pageturner van de eerste orde.

De Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown. Quick and enthralling mystery of history novel

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