If you have discipline , drive, and determination .... nothing is impossible  . -Dana Linn Bailey

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"If you have discipline, drive and determination.nothing is impossible."-Dana Linn Bailey ⬅️ this chick is such inspiration!

BodySpace Member Of The Month: Dana Linn Bailey - Jump Rope - Bodybuilding.com

BodySpace Member Of The Month: Dana Linn Bailey

Strength training 4 days a week. Working towards getting shredded like my idol Dana Linn Bailey!

Dana Linn Bailey quote. " I want to get out there and I want to show girls it's ok to have a little bit of muscle, it's ok to be strong...Be confident in exactly who you are. The sexiest thing a girl can ever possess is confidence...and I rock that sh%t hard"


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~ Dana Linn Bailey with husband Rob. Everybody needs a little reinforcement from time to time.

Dana Linn Bailey 28 day program day 10

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Dana Linn Bailey 28 day program day 2

Its that time again.LEG DAY and heavy squats again! This week your goal on your 5 x 5 squat, try and add 5 lbs to those woking sets. If you stru