Broken - Oscuras y Negras Almas: Ángeles Caídos 88

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Story: I told dad I would stay in his realm forever if he spared my true loves life and my dad agreed so now I'm in his realm not knowing what to do or how to excape.

and she wears the pain - black tears rolling down from the eyes of an angel in a sinner's town.

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Sad Gothic Angel Girls Music: Gypsy folk song Ederlezi performed on violin by Nigel Kennedy Sad Gothic Angel Girls black goth girl dark beauty angels sad dep.

We will never be the same by

We will never be the same by Jessica Dueck, StarsColdNight on deviantART

good vs evil ~ the battle continues You in your first birth are the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Till you are Born Again and become The Tree of Life!

Universals of literary analysis fromF Fosters book. This image represents the chapter regarding good vs evil, light vs dark, love vs hate. This is a topic that is almost always relevant in romance novels due to the love and hate scenarios that occur.