"Hello darlings. I'm Prince Daniel, I'm 18 and single, obviously. I'm looking forward to meeting my queen" I smile

Important Things Everyone Should Know About Dave Franco

"Hey mom? I think I need to go to the doctor!" I could definitely go to the doctor if Dave Franco was involved.

I think I need to go to the doctor!" Ya I could defiantly go to the doctor is dave franco is included!S This is in "Art" be used I think we can all agree that Dave Franco's face is indeed art

I'm pretty sure if Dave Franco was a cop, any girl would be VERY willing to go to jail<3

Mark Ruffalo On The Set Of "Now You See Me"

» Dave Franco for GQ UK February 2013 | Anthony Mandler http://blackhandcinema.com/anthony-mandler-celebrity-photography.php

Favorite celebrities motorcycle Dave Franco - oh dear lord this is some serious mancandy

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He is hottttt and was so good in nerve i highly recommend the movie, it has a great sound track