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" You hardly look like a person who would shoot much less touch a gun. " She says as I show her how to load a gun. I cock the gun and the bullet slide into the chamber. " My best friends dad was a cop. He took us shooting at the police station all the time. " I tell her. " Ah. " " This is how you hold the gun. Don't cross your thumb or hold your hands underneath the gun. " 40 caliber smith and westen is the gun I have been thinking of for my book

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{Fc: Devon Bostick} "Hey. I'm Chase. My baby sister is Lulu. Touch, you're dead. I hate guys being around her but I have my reasons. I'm very protective of Lulu. I am 23 and have and single. I play guitar and write my own songs..I'm also from Germany so thats pretty cool...I guess...anyways, intro?"

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Devon Bostick obsession. Shh, don't tell him.

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Sup! im Grey. Im 19 single and looking. I have been kicked out of all my schools *smirks* oh well and now im just searching for something to do! Intro?

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Devon Bostick as Leo Valdez from Heroes of Olympus

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Ödi Lyuben- unwanted attention/lowlevel stalking Eira, finally brutalized by a group of her supporters. Ran to prison for sanctuary, admitted his crime. Is also a suicide risk.

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Rodrick without eyeliner. Devon Bostick

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Devon Bostick

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Bob Morley Devon Bostick #The100 / this picture is lovely

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