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Taste a moment of bliss. | Diet Coke

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At home, work, while picking up the kids from school, or checking the last thing off my holiday shopping list -- it doesn’t matter where I am, as long as I’ve got my Diet Coke.

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It’s not just a beverage, it’s a way of life. | Diet Coke

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My two essentials in life? Love and Diet Coke. Emphasis on Diet Coke.

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Diet Coke Block All you Need is Love and Diet Coke Sign

Diet Coke Block All you Need is Love and by DaisyBlossomCreation

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It's Diet Coke O'Clock 1.5" pinback Button - Diet Coke sold separately

ATCTTeam - It's Diet Coke O'Clock 1.5 Button Diet Coke by SignalMountain, Art button gift tag badge funny sayings diet coke coke clock what time is it bows ATCTteam, #teen #tween #geekery

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See the possibilities all around you (like that unclaimed Diet Coke in the fridge).

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I'm going to start drinking more water and less diet coke. Bahahaha, Yea, like that is going to happen.

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19 Pictures That Only True Diet Coke Lovers Will Understand

Because what matters is how it makes you ~feel~. | 19 Pictures That Only True Diet Coke Lovers Will Understand

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first, Diet Coke

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Look out, Monday. We’re finishing up our first Diet Coke of the day, and nothing can stop us now. We’re bringing our A-game all week long!

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I swear that whoever comes up with these is spying on me

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But First, Diet Coke Home Decor Printable Wall Art INSTANT DOWNLOAD DIY - Great Gift

But First Diet Coke Home Decor Printable Wall by RosebudPrintCo

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100 calorie brownie! replace egg and oil with a can of diet coke (diet sprite works for white cake mix)

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Meet Mique of 30 Days

they are talking about me!

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Fantastic bar nook is filled with gray wash floating shelves suspended over gray wash cabinets fitted with a glass front beverage fridge.

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25 Signs You're Addicted To Diet Coke

25 Signs You're Addicted to Diet Coke... I show every one of these signs... EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!!

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Now that’s a motivational poster we would hang on our wall! | Diet Coke

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diet coke: chemicals over calories

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Free Diet Coke Printable @moxiethrift on etsy Gravis Dickmann @Breanne Bolton Bolton Carrigan

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Four-Cheese Spaghetti Squash is a cheesy low-carb dream!

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3 Amazing DIY Ideas For Diet Coke Cans

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Dirty Diet Coke

I love Dirty Diet Coke (gonna have to try it with a couple of teaspoons of half and half like she suggests ... HHmmm ... would that negate the "diet coke"?)

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Busy day? The best part of tackling your to-do list is cracking open a celebratory Diet Coke.

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