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Disney University - Moana by Hyung86 Moana is brave, impetuous and is always full of energy. She is studying theology and loves mythology, legends and fables,and series like The X-Files and Supernatural. Loves Gravity Falls and Over the Garden Wall (her favorite animation series) Her bestfriend is Lilo and usually go together to photograph historic monuments and ancient sites

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Disney University - Lilo is the official photographer of the university. By Hyung86

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Stitch is an international student (from a very far away ...) who comes to study computing and robotics. His first project in college was to create a robot named Baymax with his best friend Hiro. He loves surfing, music from Elvis, Star War movies and frogs. A little bit destructive, hot-tempered, childish, cute and brave

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I love how they made the first princesses of Disney bigger those princesses are the ones who taught so many things

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Disney University - Lady and Tramp by Hyung86 on DeviantArt

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Jane. Student of zoology and expert on primates. She loves drawing .She is one of the best students in her class. She has changed her elegant and classic style for something more casual matching with her ​​boyfriend

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Disney University Student - Nala. Sweet, kind, loyal and brave, she is studying teaching. She loves sports (especially kickboxing and always wins against Simba!), reading and going to the movies. Also loves Broadway musicals. Her favorite writer is Shakespeare, like her boyfriend, Simba.

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Naveen More

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