Dr. Whooves message to Martha! Don't let me eat pears, I HATE pears! | I wish this was the whole thing, including the part that got fast forwarded through...

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Doctor Whooves by ~Tico-Machi on deviantART

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"Doctor Whoove's Incarnations on "My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic" I've seen the tenth doctor in every episode ( it's fun to try and find him) but I never new there were more of them! Awesome!

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Equestria Daily: Doctor Whooves Officially named Dr. Hooves

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Note to self: use this joke more often THAT FACE; Doctor Whooves and Ditzy Doo Derpy Hooves

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So cute! I want that doctor whooves ditzy doo derpy hooves

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YEESSS hahaha I've actually seen that episode! Every time Doctor Whooves popped up somewhere I fangirlled quite a bit.

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Doctor Whooves and Derpy Hooves. This is my OTP.

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Doctor Whooves Found A Terrifying Nemesis

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Jack Harkness, nice to meet you by *MadHotaru on deviantART i love this so much xD

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