Pigtails - pretty and trendy, so girly, also very cute for a forest girl look!1                                                                                                                                                                                 More

Three Rivers Deep

“She was beautiful, in the quiet way that lonely, unnoticed people are beautiful to those who notice them" -Jedediah Berry - retrato - retratos femininos - ensaio feminino - ensaio externo - fotografia - ensaio fotográfico - book - senior

Green swimming pool, pink flamingo, high Christmas lights

Dreaming of Summer: Prismatic Pastels

Who doesn't love bubbles and what a great stress relief! Something magical happens when you are surrounded by bubbles!

I know how hard it is to take pictures of bubbles, so I really admire this photographer because he captured a really great image of them! I really like the pink hues in this photo and how the bubbles are lined with a rainbow of colors!

25 Most Interesting and Amazing Dreamy Portraits - 121Clicks.com

love this photo. I used to have dreams like this all the time. Old night dresses running through fields. - by brooke shaden

Dreamy Mt. Tamalpais State Park #Engagement Photos | BrittRene #Photography

Dreamy Mt. Tamalpais State Park Engagement Photos

BrittRene Photography captured the dreamiest photos from Emily and Sanjay's golden hour engagement session at Mt. Tamalpais State Park in California. ** Be sure to check out this wedding photography tips.

25 Most Interesting and Amazing Dreamy Portraits

About Rosie: Rosie Hardy is a photographer based in Manchester, England, who has shot pictures worldwide. Her clients include Samsung, Penguin Books, and Maroon These are two of her self portraits.

Photo I shot in Mallorca for the Canadian actress Julie Johnson. violeta minnick photography | See more about mallorca, dreams and shooting.

woodland girls - Julie Johnson - Photo shot in Mallorca for the Canadian actress Julie Johnson - Violeta Minnick photography

Sad girls on film, 35mm melancholy by Chloe Sheppard | Photography | HUNGER TV

Chloe Sheppard is shooting girls on film. Her aesthetic is dreamy and nostalgic, with a thread of melancholy running through - the world she& created references old school Americana, VHS, bad girls like Drew and Winona and the moodiness of film noir