'90s Hairstyles We Thought Were Absolutely Cool (PHOTOS)

PHOTOS: '90s Hairstyles We Thought Were Absolutely Cool

THIS IS STYLE. Epitomising grunge, actress Drew Barrymore dressed down for a screening of Longtime Companion in Los Angeles in May 1990 wearing a black leather jacket over her white T-shirt and shorts demonstrating the white tee’s enduring style.

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Photo 29 :In grunge look become very popular thanks to the influence of grunge rock . In this picture, Drew Barrymore in her grunge look, beachy waves and bangs, black leather jacket.

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Style File - Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore looking positively angelic circa 1990 - Illustrious Celeb Fashion From the Year You Were Born - Photos

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Ex-fan des nineties, où sont tes années folles, que sont devenues toutes tes idoles ?

If any picture could make me nostalgic for my mispent youth, it's this one ;) -Leah

Overall(s), we love em’ …

The time she looked badass even while wearing a polka dot and rose printed blouse:

21 Times Drew Barrymore Killed The Whole Fashion Thing In The ’90s

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