I think this picture is spectacular because I realy like hardwell's music and a lot of people go see him doing great music!

In this picture you see dutch dj Hardwell. He is a real hero in Holland, since he was the number 1 DJ of the world.

I think this looks really good and i like how the work love is at the bottom of the headphone wire.

Headphone Love Wire Wall Art Decal

Headphone Love Wire Wall Art Decal- Decorate any room with the Headphones Love Wire Wall Art Decal. All wall decals are made from interior safe, removable vinyl, available in over 40 colors, some available in multiple sizes, that appear painted

When the bass drops, so do my problems. #edm #music #quote

So true :) Music is a way.DUBSTEP is a way of life and a style of living ;) (Quote by Niles)

Kt Tunstall´s home.  #audio #studio #music                                                                                                                                                                                 More

KT Tunstall portrait exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery My portrait of KT Tunstall in her recording studio is currently on show at the National Portrait Gallery! Alongside a number of other.

Lograras lo que te propongas, si te esfuerzas y le pones dedicación !!! ❤

10 New Year’s Eve Expectations That Are Sure To Turn Into Epic Fails

How to start a career as musician? Not an easy questions, but we've got here the five basic steps you'll need to make. Read more in the article here: http://blog.sofasession.com/music-career/

How to start a career as musician? Not an easy questions, but we've got here the…

I know we are not teaching them live, but I love the energy in this image. Love the neutral lights, with the small splash of purple

edm moment that moment when you realize this is how you want to spend the rest of your life.