Insanely Awesome Illustrations by Clint Cearley

Emma Frost by ClintCearley.I still dislike her, but you gotta love this pic! Plus she's a blonde!

Jamal Campbell’s Emma Frost

Jamal Campbell’s Emma Frost

A stunning new look for the White Queen from artist Jamal Cambell. There are a lot of neat details here, but I think I& prefer it without the belt. Very interesting choices overall, and some gorgeous shading in the colors.

geekerycore:  Rogue, Phoenix, Emma Frost, and Psylocke...

Rogue, Phoenix, Emma Frost, and Psylocke Not to be confused with the all female X-Men comic, this poster was created by Alex Garner as a print on sale at the 2012 Comic-Con

Cyclops & Emma Frost by John Cassaday #WhiteQueen #XMen #Mutants

X-Couples: Cyclops and Emma Frost by John Cassaday The complete X-Couples list at astonishingx

The X-Men and Their Rogues

This is a cover for Astonishing X-Men only for the French market. It was fun to draw these characters I grew up with. I was asked to draw Emma Frost cen. Astonishing X-Men variant

Emma Frost

Os 5 super-heróis mais ricos de todos os tempos!

too awesome  i wanna be emma frost

Character: The White Queen (aka Emma Frost) / From: Marvel Comics X-Men / Cosplay Model: Kirja Parcell

Emma Frost by Stephanie Hans from the collection of James Henry

Emma Frost as the Hellfire Club’s White Queen watercolor commission by Stephanie Hans from New York Comic Con 2014