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Translation of this image: "- you: "tell me an animal from "e" me:" - ex "

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Are Your Speeches Dramatic Enough?

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a candle for a broken heart - write your ex's name and let it burn...

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Κορυφαίες ατάκες ανδρών

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Taxi ! -Yes please? - How much to take me to the airport? - 40 euros - Oh and if i take my ex with me? - 40 euros again. - You see, you are worth nothing ! hahaha

Tried to put together a car rig but I couldn't get the camera far enough from the car without the pole getting all wobbly. Wouldn't waste the drive so I thought I'd try with the wide angle. Large On Black Strobist: Canon 430 EX at 1/1 with a cardbo More fun and funny at