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Face Off on the SciFi channel Spotlight Challenge: "Off With Their Heads" - close up of Dina's lovely Aphrodite. She is absolutely gorgeous !

7 Amazing Make Ups From Season 5 of SyFys Face Off

7 Amazing Make-Ups From Season 5 of SyFy's Face Off

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Effets - Spéciaux - Film - Émission - Face Off - Clown - Glace - Référence - Tim Burton - Visage

Tim Burton inspired - Ice Cream Man This seriously scares the shit out of me.but a creepy ice cream man would be an awesome idea for a costume.this bastard is scary!

Cinema Makeup School | Miranda Jory and Tate Steinsiek | Face Off

Tate and Miranda's peter pumpkin eater creature from Face Off Season 5 Photo credit: Brett-Patrick Jenkins

Face Off Season 2 "Burtonesque" RJ's Bellhop. I loved the incredible concierge with that touch of whimsy ("chest of drawers!")

Face Off Interview

SYFY FACE OFF IMAGES | ... full size Clackamas County resident's art for Syfy show 'Face Off

'Face Off' contest on Syfy won by Clackamas makeup artist Ashli Kellogg

Image detail for -A local makeup artist fought off nearly 500 zombies, aliens and other fierce-looking creations to win the Syfy channel's "Fan Face Off Contest.

Face Off Season 7: Fairies of Disaster | Anibundel: Pop Culturess

Spotlight Challenge: "Beautiful Disaster" - close up of Cig's amazing Avalanche-inspired fairy. “Face Off”

Cinema Makeup School Adolfo Barreto and Lymari Millot | Face Off season 5 on Syfy channel. This picture doesn't do it justice. It looked better on TV.

Aldolfo and Lyma "Faceoff" Gettin' Goosed episode spotlight challenge female Humpty Dumpty

A new season of SyFy's Face Off starts this week — what better way to get fired up for mind-blowing makeup skills and creature design than with a gallery filled with six seasons of top looks? Check out these great photos of zombies, werewolves, and...other things.

The Best Makeup Effects from Six Seasons of Face Off

S7E13 Spotlight Challenge: "Beautiful Disaster" - close up of Dina's Flood-themed fairy.

Face Off Spotlight Challenge: "Beautiful Disaster" - close up of Dina's Flood-themed fairy.