the Middle Ages house A

Houses of the middle age - could be used for fantasy as well - drawing reference

Hi everyone, I had so much fun last month making my first house out of cardboard when I created the San Francisco House that I wanted to...

Miniature House made out of cardboard. A replica of a San Francisco House by Gregg's Miniature Imaginations

5 maisons écologiques extraordinaires que vous pouvez faire vous-même

5 maisons écologiques extraordinaires que vous pouvez faire vous-même

Vancouver Cob House- Love the style, but not convinced I want to live in one.

Fantasy terrain by Tabletop World (14th September 2013: Blacksmith’s Forge released) - Forum - DakkaDakka | You can only blame the dice for so long.

Cool looking scale model of a Merchant& house. A great addition for any medieval or fantasy table.

My fantasy house (not dream house) would have an indoor/outdoor pool set up like this.

22 Amazing Indoor Pool Inspirations For Your Home

I love, love the water. I love, love design. I often dream about a swimming pool design just for me that fulfills my love of the water and also integrates well with the landscape and the house.

This ceiling is magnificent. I will have it painted in my home library. It will work well, I think, with a comfortable contemporary style.

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