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wire hair fox terrier puppy

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dave the wire hair fox terrier

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All tuckered out from Christmas!

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wire fox terriers - rarely this still!

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Oh be still my beating heart! Dear Father Christmas please can I have a Fox Terrier puppy. I'll be VERY good, I promise!

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cachorro fox terrier...Just like my old pal Max...such a wonderful breed of dog..

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Fox Terrier Puppy

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My favorite dog!!! My other favorite---The Wire Haired Pointing Griffon:))

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Terrier love. None purer !

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fox terrier and apprentice lakeland. Both beautiful dogs.

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Frida, our little Fox Terrier.

26 Reasons You Should Never Get A Wire Fox Terrier

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The Wire Fox Terrier. Bearing close resemblance to the Smooth Fox Terrier, they are believed to have been developed separately. Bred in England to chase foxes into their burrows; this dog's short, strong tail was used as a handle by the hunter to pull it back out. Two of this breed's most distinctive traits are energy & intelligence. Having a low threshold for boredom they require stimulation, exercise & attention. With diligent supervision, they can be amusing, exciting, long-lived…

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I think this is a little boy called Otto.

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Toy Fox Terrier puppy Missing my little man.... This is what he looked like when I got him 15 years ago.... RIP my friend. I'll see you again someday.

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If we ever get a dog I want this one... Issue 7 Sarah Cook by hearthomemag, via Flickr

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The Toy Fox Terrier features a brief, smooth, glossy coat.

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Teo the fox terrier

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Gotta love a toy fox terrier! Looks just like my baby Nel :)

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So cute!! I love fox terriers!!!

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wire hair fox terrier. little dave x

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Fox terrier - It's very much like our WFT terrier as a puppy. Also, have you…

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wire hair fox terrier puppy

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