Freya Mavor is pretty much Spirit. yep.

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Felicia is a devout pentecostal Christian, active youth group leader, and musician in the church's worship band.

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She is so beautiful those freakles gosh I miss skins

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Freya Mavor - The White Queen

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[FC: Freya Mavor] — Riley Winchester was like everyone else—she took "Would You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse" quizzes online, she watched the movies and the TV shows, because it was fun. Until it became reality. ~ Now, Riley fights for survival alongside the only remaining member of her family, her brother, Ryland. The two have joined and left groups, but they'll always stick together.

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This girl reminds me of so much, blonde hair and covered in freckles and even the mouth! Freya Mavor #Freya #Mavor

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Freya... this jacket

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Freya Mavor Mini Mcguiness Skins

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Acne Paper November 2013.

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Aimee) Another drama filled week at school amounted to the start of a busy weekend, when I once again found myself at the Potters, helping out. I admit, it was tiring, but I enjoyed helping others. After finally finishing cleaning the house, I sat in the study, taking a few moments away from the chaos, and playing a guitar, doing some songwriting.

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