Thick haired girl problems

This is all my hairties. Also I have to use these really fat hair ties (not scrunchies), but it still happens

When your ponytail keeps falling out at the gym. | 25 Awkward Moments Every Girl Understands

25 Awkward Moments Every Girl Understands

Funny pictures about Long Hair Daily Problem. Oh, and cool pics about Long Hair Daily Problem. Also, Long Hair Daily Problem photos.

You regularly smack your hips into tables, glasses full of liquid, or heavy doors.

22 Struggles All Curvy Girls Know To Be True

Haha, it hurts for tall people too!>>>>I'm not saying it doesn't but for short people (like me) it hits just above your hip bone.

Teenage Girl Problems.... or if you in the shower and forget your wearing makeup and you walk out like a Halloween nightmare !!


I don't wear makeup, but I wore makeup for dance pics. I forgot I was wearing makeup.

That is how I would feel at school and it does happen and it is a little embarrassing

"one time I was in a public bathroom opening a tampon, and there was a mom and her girl in the other stall and the girl asks "mommy why does she get a snack?" I tried so hard not to laugh" lol that's a cool story xD

where do they go? i think sisters are part of the problem. This is like the most true thing in the world!

It’s a girl thing (30 photos)