They were and still my best friends. I didn't have very many friends growing up... #greenday#jamz #music

Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dirnt and Tré Cool on the set of their American Idiot music video

Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong playing guitar onstage in 1994.

Green Day Photos: A Look Back at the Punk Trio's Career

YOU CAN'T HATE GREENDAY !!!!! IT'S NOT POSSIBLE !!   American idiot, Lazy bones, nuclear family, Know you're enemy, Good riddance, the forgotten, when I come around,and Boulevard of broken dreams are my favorites so far !!

Everybody likes green day. Even if you don't like green day, you still kinda like green day :D (same with mcr) | GREEN DAY  in WPAP (Wedha's Pop Art Portrait) By Dimas | WPAP 2010 by dimas

I told my dad that when we go to the Green Day concert there's just gonna be tre, Billie joe, and mike up there and he was like "WHAT? There's probs gonna be more band members up there, three's not enough"ok, ok sure dad

Billie Joe Armstrong - Page 529 - Green Day Chat - Green Day Community

I seriously think Billie Joe Armstrong is one of the sexiest guys alive. and have been in love sinec about grade.

This street you probably should’ve lived on {]|[} AAAGGGGH GREEN DAY YESSSS

22 Tumblr Posts That Will Make Former Emo Kids Cry With Laughter

And Gerard Way is the sheriff of Emo Road since he can't find Emo Town. I had to lol XD

Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day What the heck is happening where Billie Joe has to wear a dress?

Just awesome - Billie Joe Armstrong - Green Day What the heck is happening where…

Green Day Fave Song: American Idiot, Holiday, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, Basket Case

So You Think You Know Green Day?

Green Day gets patriotic in this behind-the-scenes shot from the May 28, 2009 cover shoot.

Green Day: The Rolling Stone Cover Shoot