Half dreads

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I call it "business on top, heavy pot smoking and drum circles underneath". #partialdreads #nowicandomyhairinhalfthetime #timemanagement

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Half Dreads Half Hair Few cms of undreaded hair,

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This is beautiful. I love how her hair is left loose until about half way down. (Less stress on the scalp from the weight as well.)

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Blonde dreads with septum ring and ist exactly what I want More

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half dreads - Google Search

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My platinum blonde ombre "half dreads" with some leather wraps and beads after about a month

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Half dreads More

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5 Blonde Clip in Dreadlocks - Day of the Dreads by DAYOFTHEDREAD on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/236698290/5-blonde-clip-in-dreadlocks-day-of-the

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girls with half dreads - Google Search

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omfg hers are so gorgeous, hopefully mine will look this good, this is exactly how I want mine bangs and all & her hair is the same length, texture, and thickness as mine

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