OK. I admit it, I really loved Hannah Montana, and when it stopped playing on disney... I was quite upset.


I admit it, I really loved Hannah Montana, and when it stopped playing on disney. I was quite upset. << quite upset? I loved Hannah Montana so much ;

Epic Journey - Over the course of Hannah Montana, Miley has learned and grown from all of her crazy experiences. Lessons from both her double, Hannah, and her real self, Miley, have molded her character to become a single person with both people in her heart. Each experience has transformed the two completely different people into one person carrying their lives together.

Miley Cyrus is Hannah Montana and Miley Stewart on Hannah Montana. Miley wants the world to like her for who she is and not because she is famous.

lol Hannah Montana. I miss this show:) That's the guy who plays as the grape from the Fruit of the Loom commercials

And I remember lily,Oliver, Jackson,jake, and ROXY. I think miley could use roxys help now. ^^^^Sorry for the Hannah Montana spamming feels

Lily and Miley BFF Forever! Even if they showed us in Miley's world when's they're 40, they'll still be BFFS. They're the best Disney BFFs (Besides Riley and Maya because it's just like me and my best friend for Riley and Maya, and I'm Maya yay)

Miley Cyrus' New Hair Is a Nod to Her 'Hannah Montana' Days

Ahead of her hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, Miley Cyrus has changed her hair once again, and this time, it's giving.

Admit it. You rapped this. I definitely did lol :)<<<< guilty.<<< double guilty...<<<triple guilty and I remember the next part

Ahhhh, the old Disney. Now just one taste will drive you BAZURKEY Cheese jerky! Say What! Say What!

hannah montana are you ready  | Preview-Review: Hannah Montana Forever…ARE YOU READY??? :D

Preview-Review: Hannah Montana Forever…ARE YOU READY??? :D

Teenager Posts Of The Week: Deleting Selfies And Grade Woes

Teenager Posts Of The Week!

year olds now worry about iPhones and makeup. When I was 9 I was worried about if Miley was gonna pick Jake or Jesse on Hannah Montana.

Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana  She was so pretty back then. /: omg that shows on right now its been along time!!

I loved her smiley attitude, she was my role model, her songs lifted me up.