Do you even realize how freakin attractive he is? Like seriously I'm having heart trouble...

Harry Styles // do you even realize how freakin' attractive he is? like seriously I'm having heart trouble //

s'cutttee - one direction

Still the One (Fanfic avec Harry Styles) - Still the One (Fanfic avec Harry Styles)

Harry Styles

Harry Styles:) every time I see Harry smile it makes me smile (it also warns my heart) :) lol

Since, tomorrow is April Fool's Day, Harry should follow me. Heck, let's make it a permanent joke. You know what? He should get the others to join in, too. Ooh, that will really stub me.

15 Amazing Behind-the-Scenes Pics From the Set of 1D's "Best Song Ever" Video

Harry Styles is the most beautiful human I've ever seen In my life! One and only true love.

The one the only Harry Styles....Man I got to find myself a British lad like that!

15 Reasons Why Harry Styles is the Hunkiest Man-Boy Alive (PHOTOS)

Harry, his smile is just so lovely

Sometimes I see a really nice photo of Harry Styles and want to stop people on the street to show it to them

Harry at BBCR1, airs April 7th

Audio: Harry Styles announcing he'll be on BBC Radio 1 Friday! Tune in at AM on the Breakfast Show. They'll be playing his first Single for the first time! Best Harry Pins at rickysturn/harry_styles

Can someone add me to the one direction infection board please??

Can someone add me to the one direction infection board please? Wow what r u watching me.