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AWWW!!! THIS IS ADORABLE!!! HAPPY NICO IS GREAT!!! AND I ADORE HAZEL!!! Plus this is by one of my favorite artist!!! Great job artist!!!

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Hazel Levesque. She was GREAT in HoH! I was so glad that she got a big part! She and Frank both played HUGE parts! And people underestimated them...psh!

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Probably the best one of Hazel I have seen

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Featured artist: elentori #art

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Hazel Levesque- Alright people. All my friends (not Pinterest friends) think Hazel is junk and don't care if she dies. I think this is stupid! She is a hero. Anyone agree?

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You're a witch, Hazel (art by viria) I love this sketch of hazel, viria is absolutely awesome

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Nico di Angelo & Hazel, children of Hades/Pluto. I love their relationship, so sweet. though my heart broke when he accidentally called her Bianca in Son of Neptune ... OOH I WAS SO MAD at nico when percy couldn't remember anything and nico acted like he didn't know him! >:(

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Hazel and Arion | art by minuiko

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lovebirds Art Print

Frank Zhang and Hazel Levesque

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This part is just sad. Leo Valdez and Hazel Levesque from The Heroes of Olympus.

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