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I Fell For My Best Friend. - I Fell For My Best Friend.

High School Musical. This is beautiful. Being in my generation these will be my engagement pics <3

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High School Musical problems…

High School Musical problems… Dont forget "sticking to the status quo!" when NO ONE stuck to it (see 1st movie)

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I would wake up laughing every day. genius. HSM for life. I would say shamelessly but there's a tiny bit of shame. lol

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High School Musical- Gabriela and Troy a.k.a- Zac and Vanessa

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Love HSM, but Gabriela was a right bitch as she left Troy in all of the HSM- so sad!

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excuse you. have you been living under a rock?

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Tweet Like A Girl on

High School Musical 3. Having serious nostalgia right now

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probably the most unrealistic part of High School Musical. Including the spontaneous dance numbers.

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23 Words That Have A Totally Different Meaning In Ohio

Just watched these again and I have to these kind of boys even exist?

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This accurately captures my anger right now.

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