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That's EXACTLY how I learnt it.....I'm just glad I am not the only one.

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Only people who watch Horrible Histories will understand this. I love that show :)

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A mouse with delusions of grandeur. Horrible Histories

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horrible histories | Tumblr

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Anyone understand where this is from? If you do, you have my respect.

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Larry, Martha, Jim, Ben, and Mat Yonderland / Horrible Histories cast

Horrible Histories - Epic Magna Carta Rap Battle - CBBC - YouTube

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Joke from Horrible Histories that nobody will get, but I love it.

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Horrible Histories! This is a BBC series that teachs history through humor and songs. They have some music videos on YouTube that are all really funny!

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I'm a Knight - Merlin Style Threeeeee by on @deviantART

I'm a Knight - Merlin Style Threeeeee by on @deviantART

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