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Make sure to get back on a horse and start horseback riding again. Best thing ever, horseback riding in the mountains! Beautiful lake and snow covered mountain top in the background. You can almost smell the fresh air!

Horseback Ride on the beach.  We did this in Jamaica. It was totally awesome! I want to do it again.

Horse back riding in the ocean and on the beach in Cancun. It was so cool to feel a huge animal carry you threw the water in a beautiful setting, so gracefully.

Heels down, eyes up! At first it was so hard. Then i wore my riding boots to school and walked on my heels for a whole day it really helped.

Bute – It`s What`s for Dinner!

You won't find deeper secrets than those between a girl and her horse... ^^^^that quote


it's not a puppy but my life long dream that will probably remain that way. Jennings & Gates: Notes from a Virginia Country House: The Art of Summering


One of the most beautiful rides we’ve been able to do. Montana is so gorgeous and the setting sun gave everything a golden glow.