Chris Hemsworth , the love of my life and my number one go to for a book boyfriend

Kate Upton And Her Famous GIF Collection

My hair is the one thing I always paid the most attention to. I do all kinds of treatments including deep conditioning, use oils, special shampoos, etc.

"The look every man wants to exude. Ferocious but desirable. 'Forest Hunk' by Diego Merino & Damian Foxe for How To Spend It." Couldn't remove the original caption. Too excellent.

Forest hunk

Steffen Norgaard Dons Eclectic Winter Fashions for How to Spend It image steffen norgaard 0008

If my kilt offends you.....

12 Reasons Women Love Men in Kilts

Hugo Boss Black Enlists a Sophisticated Alex Lundqvist for its Winter 2012…                                                                                                                                                     More

Hugo Boss Black Enlists a Sophisticated Alex Lundqvist for its Winter 2012 Campaign

Gerard Butler is a Boss Scot - GQ.COM (UK) Is this Scot the next Bond is always absurdly good looking, charismatic, suave and debonair, flirty and funny with a unique style and a smokin' hot body= Gerard (Gerry) Butler and looks Boss in a suit!

Patrick Swayze at home..

Here is my favorite actor. Even though he is dead, he is still a hunk.

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