Ian Somerhalder I don't believe this is a real photo however, my husband always says Ian looks like a husky so this is appropriate LOL

“Ian and the Husky” - Digital Oil Painting “People tell me we look like twins, but I know he’s cuter. The husky’s fur turned out so fluffy and Ian’s hair.

Ian Somerhalder Prestige Hong Kong Photoshoot

Ian Somerhalder I just started watching the Vampire Diaries and I'm having a hard time choosing which side I'm on, Team Stefan or Team Damon

Moi j'adopte les deux <3

OP: "Ian Somerhalder Ok, I don't even like cats but this guy is perfect. He's gorgeous AND he loves animals!" Well, he seems to love cats.

Yes...I have an Ian Somerhalder addiction. I'd get help, but....why?

Ian Somerhalder - look at that eye color ! You are simply gorgeous Ian S.