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India Eisley. Girl is so dang pretty and looks like the Ana Steele in my head.-- She could play her! Never thought about it... hmmm. She plays on sweet life of the American teenager!


Open w/ Olivia)) Olivia was sitting in the local library, reading a book on Greek mythology. She was bored and often read to pass the time. She had been in hiding for the past month. Why? It seemed like every day, another agent or hero was trying recruit or use her. She kept reading until she felt


{{FC: India Einsley}} "Hello my name is Ainsley Roylent and i'm 20. I'm from caste two, and I'm a professional ice skater" I smile "My parents were both physicians at the palace when I was younger. I had been friends with Nikko," I sigh softly "I remember running around the halls playing chase with him." I chuckle "But we left when I was about 9. We went back home across the country because my fathers mother was sick. A few months later my grandmother, father & mother died in a rebel attack.


Name's Alexis (Alex) Mayfield, 18. I've been here since I was a child. My element is water. I love reading and playing instruments. I also enjoy running and hand tot hand combat. I'm also good with swords and archery. So, introduce?


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"Hello, I'm Adelaide. I didn't have the best childhood. As a child, my parents were alcoholics and they used to beat me, so I ran away. Now, I steal from homes when people aren't home, and hold up banks and make them hand over their money. I've never killed anyone and I've only done what I needed to survive, but I still need to hide from the law. Wish me good luck. I'm seventeen and single. Introduce?" -Adelaide <3


Open w/ Olivia)) I look out the window of my dorm room. I sigh and close the blinds, making the room completely dark. I sit on my bed and make the shadows dance upon the walls. It's not until I feel someone grab my shoulders I stop.


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