Yes! I will dress as her someday! Ultimate dream would be to be her at Disney World. Buuuut dressing as her for Halloween or something would work too!

My name is princess Jasmine! My husband is Aladdin and we have a baby and her name is Ella! I am Aladdin is And our baby is 2 days old! I have a pet tiger and Aladdin has a monkey and also a genie! Our baby is a girl!

Which Disney princess does your personality resmble best? (1937-1998) I got Snow White

Which Disney Princess Are You Most Like? (1937-1998)

30 day Disney challenge day 6 prettiest princess honestly they're all pretty. Princess Jasmine is one of the few princesses who aren't white so I'll pick her

Sparkling beauty by @rubina_muartistry

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Pictures/Drawings: Modern Jasmine from Aladdin

Seven Deadly Sins Belle

Hipster Jasmine: Check out more of these fashionable Disney princesses with hipster flair. Jasmine knows how to work a sheer dress. Illustration by Victoria Ridzel