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Jenni Rivera: "if for being a dumbass I fall; then for being a badass I will get myself up"

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Jenni Rivera

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Jenni Rivera (1969-2012) was an American actress, television producer, entrepreneur, and multi-Grammy Award-winning and multi-Billboard Latin Music Award-winning singer-songwriter.

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Miss you Diva De la Banda <3 Jenni Rivera

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Jenny Rivera. Más

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Che viega chula!!! Emoxa.. :'(

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por alla derechito, mijo! And no this does not apply to my life...I just love jenni! Lol

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Jenni Rivera

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jenni rivera quotes

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Her last concert before she passed away!

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Life is hard but with beautiful moments we learn that even though tears dirty our complexion they end up cleaning our hearts ❤️

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Jenny Rivera Elsita bonita ;)

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Noelito Flow

Me vale una pura & dos con sal! #LoQueNoMataHaceMasFuerte Repin & Like. Thanks . listen to Noel's songs. Noelito Flow.

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Jenni Rivera RIP She is missed

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Love my Jenni Divina!!

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Jenni Rivera la gran senora la mariposa valiente

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No soy monedita de oro ~ Jenni Rivera

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Jenni Rivera

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Jenni Rivera ; Selena LEGENDS To beautiful Angels:( rip

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Y sii que siii aveses una se cansa, aunque quieras mucho a esas personas que no te valoran ni Dan tu lugar

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Jenni Rivera

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Jenni Rivera enough said!!!

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Jenni, I never met you but you're my role model. You are an example of what a women should be.

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