I don't really do this anymore but it really works on my hair!!

I always have my sister French Braid my hair and do that but it always ends up in a ponytail anyway

justgirlythings sprinkles on ice cream!

Did you know that? Today is the day of ice cream in Brazil! Learn more Você sabia que hoje é o dia do sorvete no Brasil?

It's all about something: Just girly things

eating snacks right when you get home from school. :D but I still eat snacks when finished.

They're so comfy

How To Care For Every Item In Your Closet: 101 Tips

oversized comfy sweater // cable knit // comfortable fall fashion // fall inspiration // cozy and warm // september // october // november

more than half of the cookie dough never makes it to the oven

Eating cookie dough while making cookies even they didn't tasted good.