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Every Single Student Paints One Rock For The Coolest Elementary Art Project, Ever

Students paint rocks inspired by popular children's book to create a colorful landscape design,

Egg Drop Project 2016: Fun STEM activity for kids- Design an egg contraption to protect a raw egg! (with 2 FREE printable recording sheets!) ~ http://BuggyandBuddy.com

STEM for Kids: Egg Drop Project

j u n k a h o l i q u e: vintage caravan renovation project (part 2) completion!

So, do you remember the vintage caravan we bought about a month and a half ago? It seems like years ago! We were so excited to renovate .

Learning about families is an important skill for the primary classroom. Your preschool, Kindergarten, 1st, and 2nd grade students are going to love the craft activity project, FREE download, and ideas included in this blog post. Make your students' family tree come to life with the painting idea. Click through to check it all out, grab your freebie, and get started today. {preK, K, first, second graders, social studies lesson, unit, family structures}

Photographs, letters, artifacts, and books can be used to learn about the past. Literature- Charli's Super Big Family Tree Written and Illustrated by Toni Serena

DIY: Tree from paper bag. Did these in my classroom and I had the kids dip their fingertips in fall colored paint (white during winter) then touch the branches. Great 3D art project!

A Paper Bag Fall Tree. I have tissue paper in one of the bottom chest drawers at home.grab the fall colors. Need to buy the brown lunch bags tho'.

FREEBIE Snow People family project

Happy Saturday everyone! Only 9 school days left until Christmas break friends, and three of those days are half days. WOO I'm so thrilled!

BLAST OFF: Kindergarten Mixed Media

BLAST OFF: Kindergarten Mixed Media (Art With Mr. E)

I& happy with how these kindergarten mixed media pieces are turning out.adding stars or planets on the black.

Five Circle Punch Crafts for Parties

Five Circle Punch Crafts for Parties

Winter STEM Get various sizes of marshmallow and let K create

Winter STEM: Build a Snowman

Winter STEM Get various sizes of marshmallow and let K create

A Place to Thrive: One Class, Many Cultures

(Learner centered to me) I think a learner centered class will feel safe to all students. No matter the students race, culture, background, etc. the student will feel comfortable around his/her peers and teacher.