Kimi ni Todoke. Just started this anime. It's ADORABLE! There's romance from the very start, which I love. Sometimes you just want a super girly shojo, you know? :)

This is from the anime "Kimi ni Todoke." The couple in the picture is Shota Kazehaya and Sawako Kuronuma.

This is the cutest pic ever!! If a boy EVER did this i would drop to my knees and yell PLEASE GO ON A DATE WITH ME!! … then blush and look down... Cuz im shy.

Kimi ni Todoke sawako admires him so much and he is just in love with her XD

<3 Kimi ni Todoke <3 sooooo wonderful! I love this manga/anime a whole whole lot!! (not to mention it won an award) ;)

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I unintentionally hit myself on the head pretty hard when this happend.

Kimi ni Todoke ~Kuronuma Sawako - if I was an anime character, I'd definitely be Sawako :P

Kimi ni Todoke ~Kuronuma Sawako - if I was an anime character, I'd definitely be…

Kimi ni Todoke - Shouta so shy about Sawako accidentally leaning on his shoulder after falling asleep

Kimi ni Todoke - Shouta is so shy when Sawako accidentally leans on his shoulder after falling asleep

“These childish feelings,  the days we laughed together happily…  I hope we come to treasure them. “  - Kimi ni todoke

Kuronuma and kazehaya ♥♥♥♥ one of the cutest couples out there in anime history! The anime is called "kimi ni todoke", and if you're the type to love romance about a really shy yet misunderstood girl, and a popular guy, then totally watch this!

Doesn't every girl wish to have such a romantic moment shared with that significant other?

Her kız , bu önemli diğer kişiyle paylaşılan romantik bir anı istemiyor mu