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17 Celebrities Who Believe In God

Does anyone in Hollywood have faith? Here are 17 Famous Celebrities that believe in God.

"Show me that smile again"...never missed an episode of Growing Pains. Kirk Cameron/Mike Seaver

Kirk Cameron/Mike Seaver - had such a crush on him when I was a kid.

Facebook Blocks Kirk Cameron’s New Movie - Christian actor Kirk Cameron said Facebook has blocked fans from posting any links to “Unstoppable,” an upcoming faith-based movie, because the website is abusive and unsafe. The film was made in partnership with Liberty University, the self-proclaimed largest Christian university in the world.

Facebook Blocks Kirk Cameron's New Movie

Kirk Cameron is so bad at what he does, he gets his movie link blocked for being a spammer, then claims that he's being censored. Then, he gets busted for the false claim!

Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas - Christian Movie/Film - For more Info, Check Out Christian Film Database: CFDb - http://www.christianfilmdatabase.com/review/kirk-camerons-saving-christmas/

Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas Christian Movie - CFDb

“There is nothing more important than your eternal salvation.” - Kirk Cameron

“There is nothing more important than your eternal salvation.” - Kirk Cameron<<<< A Christian actor, probably one of my favorites.

Kirk Cameron=Mike Seaver.  My walls were covered with him, lol

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Kirk Cameron Best known for playing the mischievous Mike Seaver on Growing Pains the Tiger Beat poster boy also appeared in several made-for-TV movies including A Little Piece of Heaven and The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes.

Heartthrob Kirk Cameron, before evangelical Kirk Cameron

ROLLED UP BLAZER SLEEVES -- Wasn't Kirk Cameron dreamy on 'Growing Pains?' Speaking of pains, that white blazer with the sleeves rolled up . well, let's just say you're lucky you're cute, Mike Seaver.