Kirk Douglas, born December 9, in 1916.  Nominated three times for Best Actor starting with Champion(1949), The Bad and the Beautiful (1952), and Lust for Life (1956). Douglas has appeared in over 90 film and TV roles including. Paths of Glory, Spartacus, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and The Final Countdown.

the older Michael Douglas gets, the more he looks like this picture of his daddy Kirk.

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Kirk Douglas (born Issur Danielovitch, Russian: И́сер December Born in Amsterdam, New York)

Kirk Douglas. Esquire 2001. '... all that's left in the pot in the end is your essence, the stuff you started out with in the very beginning.'

Kirk Douglas: What I've Learned

Kirk Douglas como o personagem Spartacus no filme de mesmo nome

Spartacus (1960)

Spartacus is a 1960 Action, Adventure film directed by Stanley Kubrick and starring Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier.

Kirk Douglas (born December 9, 1916) is an American film and stage actor, film producer and author.

To celebrate what would have been Paul Newman's birthday today, we're taking a look at King Cool (and his mesmerizing blue eyes) along with some other classic Hollywood hunks.

Kirk Douglas - Could it be the cleft chin?  Wow!

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Kirk Douglas (born Issur Danielovitch, December 9, 1916) is an American film and stage actor, film producer and author.

Kirk Douglas (born Issur Danielovitch, December American film and stage actor, film producer and author.

GUNFIGHT AT THE O.K. CORRAL (1957) - Kirk Douglas as gambler Doc Holliday - Directed by John Sturges

Kirk Douglas as Doc Holliday in Gunfight at the OK Corral, John Sturges' first telling of the Earp-Holliday story.


Andy Gotts is a celebrity photographer best known for his magnum opus, Degrees, a collection of 300 black and white portraits of celebrities and figur.

Leading with his chin: Kirk Douglas at the festival in 1953

Forget today's tawdry spectacle, this was the Cannes Film Festival when stars still shone

Kirk Douglas - Flamboyant Gamine + Wild Ethereal + Crimson Ethereal + Wind Ethereal + Sparkly Ethereal + Moon Ethereal + Royal Ethereal

Happy Birthday Kirk Douglas December 100 years old today “I don’t need a critic to tell me I’m an actor.